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This is a cute story for a child having surgery. Nancy is a curious little girl. She was always being nosey in her sister's Belongings and she was always having nosebleeds. Sometimes she would accident on her sister's belongings. Mr. Mrs. Marsh decided it was time fo Nancy to visit her pediatrician. Nancy was ordered to have surgery to fix her nosebleeds. Snout and Nurse Nee Nee helped Nancy through her procedure. But nothing could control Nancy's temptation for being curious. My kids really enjoyed this book. I totally suggest this book.
Mrs. Arvia
I purchased two copies for granddaughters age 7 and 8. None of us were disappointed! We truly enjoyed the book. Also, we were fortunate to live not too far from the author’s book signing and reading last week. The day trip with my grands of course was the best part but seeing the author interact with them and read to them was a treasure. My grands told their moms it was the best day ever!

Sara W.
This is a fun children’s book that focuses on a little girl in need of surgery for recurring nosebleeds. Nurse Nee Nee comes in with style, energy and humor to help allay Nancy’s fears and concerns. Easy to read with great illustrations, kids will want to read this many times. If your child needs surgery, this book is for them (and the parents). My son loved it, and as a nurse anesthetist myself, I enjoyed as well.
Charles H.
Nurse Nee Nee is an informative read that helps guide parents and children with various medical diagnosis. Currin does an excellent job with explaining and facilitating management of children within healthcare setting in this series.

Chrissie M.

"Nancy Marsh has habitual nosebleeds and needs to have an epistaxis procedure to fix it. That’s scary for a child. This story walks Nancy through her journey of her doctor appointments, admitting, procedure with caring doctors and nurses (including anesthesia) and recovery. As a mother of an asthma child, we have frequent trips to the ER. Not many admissions to the hospital, but hours spent in the ER nonetheless. I haven’t come across a book that spent this much time describing pre, and post events of a surgical event- just the surgeries themselves. Thank you for an honest read."

- Cathi L (NetGalley Reviewer) Reviewed Nosey Nancy and the Never-Ending Nosebleed