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The Making of Nosey Nancy and the Never-Ending Nosebleed.

Tattletale Tommy and the Touching Tonsils

Nurse Nee Nee said, “Wow! Kissing tonsils!”   “Yuck! I don’t like kissing!” Tommy said. Nurse Nee Nee smiled. “Okay. Let’s just say  they’re ‘touching.’ You have touching tonsils!”

Follow along in the second book of the Nurse Nee Nee Series as Tommy suffers with yet another case of tonsillitis.

Enter Nurse Nee Nee, Tommy’s fun and spunky nurse anesthetist who promises to keep him asleep and pain-free while his tonsils are removed. Perhaps he’ll even have a colorful dream that will help him redeem himself after he’s awake. After all, he’s made quite a few people upset due to his tattling behavior.


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